(Rythms Angel)
Crissy was the black and white pinto that Al and I bought (before she
was even born) before we were married.

Crissy died from a type of colic.  What happened was she had a fatty tumor that wrapped around her intestines (it's a tumor that grows outside the intestines somewhere and hangs on a string, many horses have these tumors but they don't ever wrap around the intestines, they live a long life and go from old age).  There was
nothing the vets could do to save her life, even though we had them on it right away.  All I can say is Thank God we found her soon after it started or she would have died in a terrible painful way. 

She gave us her all to the very end...what a trusting, strong mare she was even in all that pain she knew we would help make it go away.  She's up in Heaven now.  Please love and respect your animal friends as long as they are with you, if you do they will return it ten times over unconditionally.  Crissy touched many lives in her life time,
I'm putting something on here one of ours and Crissy's dear friends wrote in memory of Crissy.

Crissy's Eulogy

Through the years many horses come and go but some leave their mark on your life.  Rhythms Angel was one of those horses who left her mark, not only on her owners life but on the lives of all those who knew her. This one little black and white half Arab mare is responsible for forging friendships, starting new farms, and creating a family that will go on forever through her offspring.  Feb 13th was a sad day for all who knew her. Despite all the efforts of her owner, friends, vets and the Animal hospital of Neenah, I sadly report that Ryhthms Angel, Crissy, succumbed to a severe case of colic.

My first encounter with Crissy was in passing this beautiful black and white pinto mare standing in a field full of cows.   I thought that she would make an excellent mate for my stallion and I made her owner an offer she couldn't refuse.  The results of that breeding was far better than we ever expected and through this breeding more followed and a solid lifetime friendship was born.  Crissy never failed and each foal went on to create a breeding base for a new farm and more friendships were born.  These breeding mares and stallions went on to create more babies and friends.  She touched the lives of many who knew her and many who have never met her.  The black and white mare in a field full of cows came a long way to create a black and white dynasty that will long endure.

Though she is gone her immortality has been insured through her foals and foals foals that are working on their own destinies. There are no names of people or other horses mentioned here because Rhythms Angel, Crissy. really didn't need us for she will still be here long after we areforgotten.  Sadly missed by friends and family.

  I am your equal.

  I am a wild creature
  That can never be like you.
  I have heart, courage
  And the game spirit that is my heritage,
  And I will be respected.

  I will be taught, and I will please,
  And maybe in time I will be your intimate,
  But I will never be your possession.

  Mine is a fierce love which knows
  No mercy for failure,
  No sympathy for weakness.

  I have come from the desert with its
  Closeness to the spirit of nature
  Which you do not understand.
  I was born of the wind
  Mine is a warrior spirit.

  I cannot be humiliated in punishment
  Or defeated even in death
  For my spirit lives on
  In my children's children.

Author Unknown

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